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Ace your exams with effective study breaks

Ace your exams with effective study breaks

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Do you find yourself feeling constantly tired and saturated while studying? Very often people assume that if you still feel refreshed, you’re not studying enough. Exhaustion and productivity do not have to go hand-in-hand. In fact, it should not go hand-in-hand at all. Every study session should be well-planned so as to avoid the feeling of being burnt out.

But, how do you ensure that your exam preparation does not make you feel like giving up? You take breaks. Studying for hours on end without stopping to take breathers and unwind a little can make you want to punch the wall. Study for a while, take a break and then repeat. Ideally, you should take a 5-minute break every half an hour but of course, you can switch it up a little every once in a while. Maybe take a 15-minute break after studying for an hour. You should try a few routines and see what makes you feel most refreshed.

Study smarter, not just harder.

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There are certain benefits to adopting this system of frequent breaks. Some of these benefits are:

Stress reduction:

Students are known to have higher levels of stress as you know. If you feel like you are drowning, you should take a look at your study system. Taking breaks and doing something you enjoy is known to reduce stress levels and help you feel rejuvenated.

Improvement in memory:

Have you ever felt that you are unable to recall something even after studying for hours? Ironically, the reason behind this is that you have been studying for hours. There are studies that show that short and repeated sessions of studying improve the brain’s capacity for retention as well as concentration.

Boosting energy:

When you put all your focus on one task, in this case, studying, it is very common to feel drained of energy. Taking adequate breaks can bring in more energy and leave you feeling ready to tackle more work effectively.

Improves your health:

Rest at regular intervals is known to boost one’s immune system. It also reduces the risk of many health problems such as inflammation, heart disease, etc. This is why periodic rest is essential for your body.

Increase productivity and creativity:

Are there times that leave you feeling lost or stuck? While studying, it is common to feel a sudden block that prevents you from studying productively. Sometimes, coming up with creative solutions to problems can also feel impossible. Doing different activities can help your brain look at things with a fresher perspective so taking a break might provide you with new ideas and increased productivity.

What should I do during these breaks? This might be a question that boggles your mind. When you take multiple breaks, it might be a little taxing to figure out what to do in each break. How about we help you out? Here is a list of a few things you can do to unwind and get back to your work with a fresh mind:


Sitting at a desk while studying can cause cramping, muscle rigidity, soreness, discomfort, etc. Small exercises like stretching, yoga and walking can get your blood flowing and energised for your next study session.


Chaos is not an environment conducive to effective learning. You should never use cleaning as a means to procrastinate, which is why tidying up your study area during your small breaks is a good way to relax. The process of cleaning can relax you and returning to study in a tidy environment can also relax you.


Meditation is proven to be an effective stressbuster. There are various studies that show the benefits of meditation. There are different meditation types available to practice and some research can help you decide which works best for you.

Take a power nap:

Napping during breaks can be considered a slippery slope by many people. But when done right, a power nap is actually really good to make you more alert, improve cognitive function and reduce stress levels. You should aim for a 15–20-minute nap because anything longer than that can actually have the opposite effect and leave you feeling even more lethargic.

Listen to music or watch a show:

As we all know, music is peaceful to our minds. No matter what genre we like, it has the capacity to lift our spirits. Same goes for our favourite shows. Spotify and Netflix can be your happy place and leave you with lifted spirits.

Speak to a friend:

Call up one of your friends and catch up with them for a little while. Talk to them about anything but your studies as the whole point of the break is to steer clear of your material. It can put a smile on your face, recharge your mind and let you return to your studies with a clear mind.

Express yourself:

Dance, draw, sing, doodle, paint, or whatever else helps you put yourself in a calm state of mind is inherently good for your growth. Doing this during your breaks will help you stay positive and refreshed and distract you from the pressures of your studies.

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Run a quick errand:

Your mind can move back and forth between your studies and your to-do list. This can be very distracting and troublesome. Running an errand during your break can put your mind at ease as you have lesser tasks to tend to. This helps reduce stress and distraction as well helps you get done with things faster.

Take a quick shower:

Everyone feels revitalised after a nice shower. During your next break, take a 5-10-minute shower and preferably sing terribly at the top of your lungs and have hypothetical conversations with shampoo bottles. This will help you go back to your studies with a clear and calm mind.

Have a healthy snack:

Snacking is fun for many people. You can enjoy a snack every once in a while, but you should make sure that it is healthy because unhealthy snacking can cause undue damage to your body. Have a nice sandwich, baked chips, salads, etc. So you can enjoy good food and stay healthy.

Studying should not be incredibly stressful and it is something that you have to do to the best of your abilities. It cannot be avoided or dismissed, but it can be tackled smartly and effectively. We hope this blog could help you understand the importance of breaks and how to ensure that they are helpful.

For any doubts, reach out to our Coaches at PeakMind, who are always here and ready to help you with all your needs.

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