Terms and Conditions

Company“Peakmind.in”, “Peakmind”, “Compete”, “Company”, “Firm”, “we”, “our”, “us”, “Service Provider” or similar terminology are all in reference to Peakmind as a provider of Services for the remainder of this document.
User“Client”, “user”, “you”, “your” or other similar terminology are all in reference to you, as the user of our Web App, website, mobile application(s) and as a recipient of our Services i.e. workshops, bootcamps, and other resources for the remainder of this document.
Platform“Platform” or similar terminology are all in reference to any website, Web App, mobile app, or web links that the User can employ to access Services provided by the Company.
Well-being and Success Coach“Well-being and Success Coach”, “Well-being Coach”, “Treating Practitioner”, “Well-being Advisor”, “expert”, “consultant”, “doctor”, “therapist” or similar terminology are all in reference to the Treating Practitioner.
Nature of ServicePeakmind is a mental wellness platform that delivers emotional empowerment products and services to individuals and organisations. These include, but are not restricted to, individual wellness programs, Coaching Institute Wellness programs, workshops, bootcamps, one-on-one session with a Well-being and Success Coach, and corporate wellness program through which employees of organisations avail our products and Services. Peakmind’s offerings may include/are:    Online consultations with expert Well-being and Success Coaches;
   Web App;
   Mood and emotional wellness trackers;
   Self-care tools and activities;
   Quizzes on emotional well-being;
   Resources i.e. Expert Insights;
   Blog-posts on mental health and well-being;
   Mobile AppPeakmind reserves the right to add or remove products and Services from its overall offerings without prior notification. The aforementioned shall hereinafter be referred to as “Products and Services”.
ConsentBy using the platform, or providing us your Personal Information, or by making use of the features provided by the platform, or by making a payment to Peakmind, you hereby provide your consent to the collection, storage, processing, disclosure and transfer of your personal information. Such disclosure or transfer, if any, will be subject to the provisions of the Confidentiality clause herein.You acknowledge that you are providing your Personal Information out of your free will, either directly to Peakmind or through a third-party or your organization. You will also have an option to withdraw your consent at any point, provided such withdrawal of consent is intimated to us in writing to feedback@peakmind.in.Notwithstanding this, if you are accessing our platform through a third-party or your organization, you will have an option to withdraw your consent at any point, provided you explicitly inform the third party or your organization about such withdrawal of consent in writing, who would then inform us to take the appropriate action.If you do not provide us with your Personal Information or if you withdraw the consent at any point in time, we shall have the option to not fulfill the purposes for which the said Personal Information was sought and we may restrict your use of the platform.
Personal InformationTo enable you to engage with our Services, we will use Personal Information about yourself - provided directly to us or to a third party or your organisation - to contact or identify you, including but not limited to your name, phone number, your email address, your organization’s name, your PSID if any, your parent’s name, your parent’s phone number, your parent’s email address, emergency contact number, gender, occupation, hometown, reason(s) for cancelling an appointment with a healthcare professional, medical history and any other information that the Well-being and Success Coach might require from you. We also collect information you provide from responses, in-app inputs, quizzes and assessments, or the feedback you send to us. If you communicate with us by email or phone, any information provided in such communication may be collected as Personal Information.The main reason we collect this Personal Information is to provide you with a smooth, efficient and customized experience. The collection of Personal Information also enables the User to create an account and profile that can be used to interact with our Well-being and Success Coaches. You may change some of the information that you provide through including but not limited to the My Account page in the Web App.Your Personal Information is held safe by the Well-being and Success Coach working with you and is not normally shared with other Well-being and Success Coaches. However, there may be certain occasions when Peakmind and/or Well-being and Success Coaches use third-party tools to tailor the counseling sessions and in-app experience. In such cases, only minimal information as required is shared with others.We are dedicated to maintaining the privacy and integrity of your Personal Information. If you decide at any time that you no longer wish to receive certain communications from us, you can inform us by writing to feedback@peakmind.in.
Updating Personal InformationIf your Personal Information changes, or if you need to update or correct your Personal Information or have any grievance with respect to the processing or use of your Personal Information, for any reason, you may send updates and corrections to us at feedback@peakmind.in. We will take all reasonable efforts to incorporate the changes within a reasonable period of time. However, if you provide your Personal Information to a third-party platform from which you are using our Services, Peakmind may not be able to make any changes to the same and you will have to contact the third-party platform in order to update your Personal Information.Some Personal Information, such as your answers to online assessments, cannot be updated or deleted once submitted. If you would like us to remove your records from our system, please contact us at feedback@peakmind.in and we will attempt to accommodate your request if we do not have any legal obligation to retain such information.Please note that we are required to retain certain information in keeping with professional standards or by law for record-maintaining purposes (including but not limited to payment history, feedback, client information, etc.), so we will continue to store this information for a pre-specified period of time as per applicable laws, even if you delete your account. There may also be residual information that will remain within our databases and other records, which, irrespective of any efforts by us to delete information, will not be removed from them.
We may use your Personal Information for activities including but not limited to:    Identify and reach you;
   Identify and reach your parent or guardian in case of an emergency;
   Assist you in scheduling appointments, remind you of upcoming or follow-up appointments, as well as cancelled appointments;
   Resolve service and billing problems via telephone or email;
   Provide you with further information, products, services and/or newsletters;
   Better understand your needs and interests;
   Personalize your experience;
   Run statistical research (such research will be anonymized and cannot be linked back to you);
   Make disclosures as may be required under applicable law;
   Detect and protect us against error, fraud, and other criminal activity;
   Improve our Web App, website, mobile app, and other products in order to better serve you;
   Allow us to better service you in responding to your customer service requests;
   Run a contest, promotion, survey or other site or mobile application features;
   Quickly process your transactions.CookiesWe use “cookies” to collect information and smoothen your experience on our platform. A cookie is a small data file that we transfer to your device's hard disk for record-keeping purposes. We use cookies for two purposes:    We may utilize persistent cookies to save your user credentials for future logins to the Services.
   We may utilize session ID cookies to enable certain features of the Services, to better understand how you interact with the Services and to monitor aggregate usage by users of the Services and online traffic routing on the Services. Unlike persistent cookies, session cookies are deleted from your computer when you log off from the Services and then close your browser.We may work with third parties that place or read cookies on your browser to improve your user experience. In such cases, by using the third party services through our platform, you consent to their Privacy Policy and terms of use, and agree not to hold Peakmind liable for any issues arising from such use.You can instruct your browser, by changing its options, to stop accepting cookies or to prompt you before accepting a cookie from the websites you visit. If you do not accept cookies, however, you may not be able to use all features or functionalities of the platform.
One-on-One SessionsIf you book a one-on-one session with our Wellbeing and Success Coaches, you agree to the following:    We proceed with the session on the basis of assumption that you are here on a voluntary basis, and have not been pressured or otherwise given fabricated facts about someone taking the session;
   While there are potential benefits to psychological therapy, there is no guarantee of success and clarification, and there are potential risks and discomforts in terms of strong emotions and vivid memories that may be experienced. The precise emotions and issues that can come up are not always possible to predict and can be unexpected or even unwanted. You may learn things about yourself or about your life, which may be upsetting. People can be overwhelmed by some memories or insights, and although it is rare, some people can act desperately and dangerously when feeling overwhelmed. Changes in awareness alter one's self-perceptions and ways of relating to others. This can lead to some relationship challenges as others who know you try to understand the changes that they witness;
   For various reasons and upon close deliberation, you may be further referred to other individuals or clinics whose expertise may be beneficial to the case presented. In such cases, the decision would rest upon the client to choose to pursue sessions with the suggested references;
   The inputs and suggestions provided during the sessions are from the viewpoint of the counsellor. The client is advised to reflect on the same and choose to act on suggestions after careful consideration. The counsellor is only a person who can offer guidance. The sole responsibility of the actions hence performed remains on the client. We do not take any responsibility for the actions committed outside the sessions.
   You acknowledge that you are free to ask about and discuss the process of therapy and personal change, recognizing that this process can be quite varied and is highly individual. You understand that it is important that you mention promptly to your Treating Practitioner any concerns or questions that you may have at any time during the process of therapy.ConfidentialityPeakmind maintains the confidentiality of information disclosed during personal consultation. Any information shared with Peakmind is confidential and not shared with anyone, including your organization, with certain exceptions where confidentiality may be breached. The case where confidentiality will be breached is if:    the Well-being and Success Coach or Peakmind perceives there to be a serious and/or significant and/or imminent risk of harm to the health or safety of a person or the public or self;
   disclosure is required by law;
   you file a private healthcare claim and the insurer requires information.Except for the reasons outlined above, the Personal Information shared on Peakmind will only be shared with others after permission has been granted by you orally or by way of email or letter. All staff members of Peakmind, including all Peakmind professionals, employees, contracted professionals or trainees, are required to follow this confidentiality policy.The User agrees to indemnify Peakmind for any breach in confidentiality of the User's Personal Information. If the User accesses Peakmind through a third-party platform, the User indemnifies Peakmind against any data breaches that occur due to any acts of commission or omission from the third-party platform.
Payment, Cancellation, and Refund PolicyFor Counseling Sessions and/or bootcamps and/or workshops and/or all other paid products and/or services:    Payment is required to be made in full at the stage of booking the relevant service. User can avail of valid discount codes.
   In the event of cancellation, 75% refund would be permitted, only if cancellation is done at least 3 calendar days in advance.
   In the event the cancellation is not done at least 3 calendar days in advance, Peakmind.in is not liable to process any refund due to inconvenience to last minute changes in the schedule of Wellbeing and Success Coaches.Peakmind.in reserves the right to revise the Payment, Cancellation, and Refund Policy without any prior notice.Refunds for duplicate payments    A refund of the duplicate payment made by user will be processed via the original method of payment within 10 working days post intimation by the customer.
   The refund request must be made by the user by sending relevant screenshots of undue payment made in an email to feedback@peakmind.inNote: All refunds will be processed within 10 working days after the refund request is approved by Peakmind.in
Changes To Terms and ConditionsPeakmind reserves the right to change or remove any part of the Terms and Conditions without notice or liability to any third party. In the event there are significant changes in the way we treat your Personal Information, we may take reasonable effort, but are in no way obligated, to display a notice on the website or send you an email, so that you may review the changed terms prior to continuing to use the platform.If you object to any of the changes to our terms, and you no longer wish to use the platform, you can contact Peakmind to discontinue using our platform and deactivate your account if you are registered with us directly at feedback@peakmind.in If you are signed up on our platform using a third-party platform or are accessing our Services through your employer, then in order to deactivate your account or no longer use our Services, you will have to contact the third party platform or your employer.Unless stated otherwise, our current Terms and Conditions applies to all information that Peakmind has about you and your account. Using the Services on the websites,Web App or mobile application(s), or accessing the websites, Web App or mobile application(s), after a notice of change has been sent to you or published on our website, shall constitute your consent to the changed terms.
Grievance RedressalTo address the grievances of the users, Peakmind has set up a Grievance Redressal Forum. In case you are dissatisfied with any aspect of our offerings, you may contact our Grievance Redressal Officer Mr. Parth Sharma at feedback@peakmind.in We assure you a time-bound response not exceeding one month from the date of your complaint.
JurisdictionThe Terms and Conditions of Peakmind have been drafted in accordance with and in compliance with Indian laws. Any and all disputes arising between the user and Peakmind with regards to these Terms and Conditions, including the interpretation of the terms of these Terms and Conditions, shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts at Bengaluru, Karnataka, India.