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If you are facing anxiety or worry in certain or all situations, feeling sadness, low in energy, and unmotivated in general in life
Behavioural Issues
Social Anxiety, Anger, Mood Swings, Fights, Bullying, Laziness, Indiscipline
Sleep issues
Sleep issues - Poor quality or disturbed sleep, Low energy, tiredness
Stress / Negative Thoughts
If you are in stressful situations, which is causing tension, overthinking, negative thoughts, etc
Academic Performance
Motivation, focus, concentration, planning, prioritization, time management, study skills and habits, distractions, and other obstacles
If you want to discuss some concerns or growth in romantic relationships, friendships, family, marital, and helpful ways to resolve conflicts
Career & Personality
Career guidance, self-awareness, strengths, confidence, Soft Skills Training, Life skills, communication skills

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