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Exam Stress and Anxiety? 10 Tips to Ghost the Negativity!

Exam Stress and Anxiety? 10 Tips to Ghost the Negativity!

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Exam Stress and Anxiety

Exam stress can get very overwhelming at times and pull you in swirling circles of negativity which becomes harmful not just for your mental health but affects you physiologically as well.

Although, this is an undeniable fact that no matter how well prepared you are, feeling a little tensed before the exams is very common; but not unless it gets too suffocative to handle and overcome.

Here are the top ten stress-busters to help you keep aside all your exam anxieties:

1. Exercise and get outdoor

All studies and no play make Jack a dull boy is no new concept or learning but has been so inherently relevant all these generations and shall be so for the coming ones. Allocate 30 minutes of outdoor play or activity, preferably in the form of some physical exercise before and during your examinations. This relaxes your tensed muscles and makes you more active and fitter.

2. Don’t (always) listen to others

Concentrating on your learning methods and having confidence in the same becomes very vital. Do not get carried away with too many suggestions or recommendations Stay focused on what you feel are the most important and verify on limited grounds.

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3. Speak to someone

Gulping down the tensed thoughts all alone can be detrimental to your worried mind. Try to speak to elders who have already been through this situation and seek what used to be their stress-busters.

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4. Believe in yourself

Always have your self-confidence retained and stay motivated no matter even if things do not go in the route you expected. Your untiring confidence and consistently motivated mind will keep you focused for the next day's battle.

5. Create a healthy routine

During exams, your body and hormones go through a lot of fluctuations. Due to a tense mind, your body is prone to tire out more than usual. Always maintain a healthy routine before and during your exams which includes timely sleeping and eating, preferably following the same timings every day.

6. Celebrate small joys

Take brief breaks to cherish yourself with mini rewards that spike your joyful moods. For e.g., keep a target to finish a revision of 5 chapters within a set time and after completing so, reward yourself with a special meal or seeing your favorite show for some time.

7. Take mini-breaks

Since during exams, your concentration needs to be most intense, try to take short breaks between studies. Studying at a stretch without breaks, create mental fatigue that slowly depletes your concentration levels.

8. Exercise and meditate daily

Not just physical exercise, but mental exercise is equally important during exams, relax your senses with some powerful yoga that also helps to enhance concentration and memory.

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9. Try to avoid things that distract

During exams, it is very obvious to have a mind that is puzzled with performance worries, memorizing studies and much more and therefore is very susceptible to various distractions. Avoid things that would trick your mind to distract you, such as, looking at phones, or sneaking onto the TV.

10. Set a timetable

Setting a timetable can help you to classify your entire days’ time effectively and this old school method has never failed to prove its worth. Make sure to even include your sleeping and eating time schedules.

No Worrying Anymore!

Examinations being a crucial part of learning journeys has always posed as something fearful. But with little tricks and a focused mind, examinations can be too a piece of cake and a fun ride like your gaming battles.

Need dedicated exam stress counseling guidance? Reach out to the professionals at Peak Mind who know how to make it not just interesting but helpful too!

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