Key Benefits of Partnering with Us

We understand the Challenges faced by Government organizations today. Here is how we can help mitigate these challenges:
  •  Making India grow and thrive by building human capital
  • Multiple ‘ready to offer’ and standardised solutions to help students on their wellbeing and mental health.
  • A scalable model that can reach millions of students with least logistical challenges
  • Use the best in class expertise available in the field
  • Increase retention rate for Teachers by ensuring their well-being and productivity
  • Proactive and reactive solution to mental and physical health challenges faced by students

How can you partner with us

PeakPerformance & PeakWellbeing
Improve student’s quality of life, academic achievement and satisfaction with the school / institute experience
Ensure better results in Final Board Exams, Competitive Exams, National Olympiads, Inter-school activities
Students standing out from competition through our program(s) and their growth journey becomes much easier
Increase retention rate for Teachers by ensuring their well-being and productivity
Improve admission rates by providing holistic experience to students
Increase participation of Parents and help them understand their true role

How can you start For Students

Identify an institute for the pilot and choose a Standardised Digital programs offered by PeakMind:
Mental Health & Wellbeing Champion program
10 Hours specialized experiential program covering fundamentals and strategies of mental health & wellbeing
Teachers’ Mental Health Champion Program
Learn how to help students by understanding their concerns, and knowledge to assist them. Also, how to take care of themselves as teachers and improve their skills.
Gatekeeper’s Training for Suicide Prevention
Gatekeeper training is a WHO recommender suicide prevention strategy to help those who are emotionally distressed or potentially suicidal, and manage the complexities of the situation while being with the students emotionally.
Exam and Performance Anxiety
Learn how to reduce exam anxiety and enhance your academic performance.

Here’s what our students are saying

Amit Yadav
JEE Aspirant 2021
The meeting was mind-boggling. It's wonderful and coach give me a realistic ideas and plans to execute to improve my performance. I was full satisfaction with the meeting
Sapna Sharma
NEET Aspirant 2022
After taking 1:1 personalised session, I have been able to score 340/360 in my mock test. My coach has helped me to manage my time better and made me confident.
Mayank Verma
NEET Aspirant 2022
I have been more productive in the past few weeks than ever before and I wish to continue my personalised session

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Our team has been through the journey of competitive exams and understands the problems faced by aspirants. This has helped us in creating the most effective solution
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