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Some of the issues Students deal with

Academic/sports effectiveness
Exam Anxiety
Lack of clarity
Lack of focus & concentration
Lack of professional/career skills
Placement Challenges
Peer and Parental Pressure
Relationship conflict
Personal life
Managing difficult emotions like Anger, Frustration and Stress
Managing negative thoughts
Behavioural issues like bullying, using foul language, arguments
Social Media addiction
Self Harm/ Suicide
Lack of self esteem and confidence
Lack of self esteem and confidence
Gender/Sexual Issues
Managing body vitals through Right Nutrition - Energy and brain function

Some of the issues Teachers deal with

Work life
Work life balance
Stress Management
Managing Distractions
Time management
Building healthy student-teacher relationship
Learning to be an inclusive teacher
Teaching students better study skills
Finding purpose in teaching
Learning to communicate with parents
Coping with Difficult students and building Patience
Knowing and teaching different types of learners
Conflict Resolution
Managing Relationships
Personal life
Managing difficult emotions like anger, frustration
Physical Care
Improving sleep quality
Managing negative thoughts/overthinking

Some of the issues Parents deal with

Parental life
Talking to teen about the transition phase
Parent-child relationship
Parenting challenges like discipline, communication, external issues, etc
Helping your child excel and grow
Helping children in career discovery
Helping children build their strengths
Nutrition for your child
Managing distractions and social media usage
What is the meaning of education
Quality time with children
Healthy family environment
Personal life
Why do we compare


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