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Boost Scores and Overcome Pressure:
Individual Attention & Personalized Solutions

Compete Quotient (CQ) Test

Measure your readiness for competitive exam journey! A 20 min Scientific Diagnostic Assessment to identify the competitive strengths & blind spots of any student.

Because only IQ is not enough. Boost your CQ to crack competitions! Go to peakmind.in/compete-quotient to give the test. Use organization code: PMPACE

1-on-1 Performance & Mental Strength Coaching

Make your coach your partner on your preparation journey. Have someone who pushes you forward and has your back when you need them.

Our coaches are experienced professionals who have worked with thousands of students. Available on chat and zoom/phone

Book a free ZOOM meeting with a coach! Open for a limited period - Exclusively for PACE students

Psychology Backed Self-Help Tools

Track your mood to understand the impact on your productivity. Quick science-backed mind exercises to turn on achiever mode.

Also take part in fun community challenges on themes like diet, digital discipline, routine, etc.

Performance and Mental Strength Personal Coaching - Just like Athletes

Preparing for a competitive exam is not very different from preparing for the Olympics. Top brains competing for a few spots - preparing for 4 to 5 years - and there is so much at stake.

That's why all athletes, apart from training for their sport, go through rigorous 1-on-1 coaching of a different kind - This coaching is based on the science of behaviour and performance psychology.

Following are a few areas the dedicated coach focuses on tracking/improving every day:
⭐ Maintaining daily goals, motivation and focus
⭐ Maintaining good mental health and boosting confidence
⭐ Staying consistent and developing a love for the process
⭐ Increasing time-efficiency and building concentration
⭐ Addressing gaps and working with strengths
⭐ Managing expectations & pressure
⭐ Dealing with setbacks/mistakes

We are excited to bring you the same game-changing approach to achieve your goal of a good rank!

Trusted by 35,000 + Students

22 students among top 100 JEE & NEET'22 used our solution

Here’s what our students and their parents are saying

Sapna S
NEET Aspirant 2022
I can say without a doubt, that because of my coach, I have been able to score 340/360 in my last mock test. My coach has helped me to manage my time better and made me confident. I can't express in words how thankful I am to her.
Ritu D
NEET Aspirant 2023
I am thankful to the whole team who have started this platform for students. It has proved very helpful for me and saved my time from unnecessary thinking. With the techniques I have learned from her, I can feel that I am improving every day!
JEE Aspirant 2023
I have not felt this calm in weeks. My coach has helped me tremendously in improving my mental health and to make negative thoughts go away. My coach has also helped me fix my procrastination and follow my schedule
Mayank V
JEE Aspirant 2022
I have been more productive in the past few weeks than ever before. The best part is that the coach keeps checking in with me and shares a motivation dose everyday. Seeing her put so much effort pushes me forward too!
Meenakshi B
My only fear was my son would not perform to his potential due to his distractions. PeakMind has given us peace of mind. The coach keeps in touch with us and also tells us what we can do better as parents. That has been very helpful
Deepak C
My daughter is really fond of her coach, I hear from her. She trusts her and feels her coach is genuinely supportive. Children sometimes find it tough to open up to parents and keep things to themselves. I am happy to see the progress.
"I strongly believe that along with academic IQ students in current times continuously need to work on their productivity, motivation and overcome pressure, stress, distractions, setbacks and personal challenges that adversely impact their academic performance, mental health and well-being.
In PeakMind we have the right partner to stand firmly with our students during this journey to help them build these capabilities & mindset to give their best."

The PeakMind Promise For PACE Students

We understand the value of the dream of a Child's success to a Family. You would not want to settle for anything but the best
"At PeakMind, our coaches take the success of the student as their own goal and stand with them throughout the journey with 100% commitment"
We stand behind our solution and its potential to bring about a positive change in your life. In the unlikely event that you are not satisfied with our services, we offer a FULL REFUND to ensure that you have complete peace of mind. At PeakMind, your success is our success.

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Personal Doubt Clearing on
Regular Price INR 1000/month.
Get for as low as:
INR 250/month
Click HERE TO buy 1 MONTH @INR 500*Click here to buy 3 MONTHs @ INR 1,000* (~333/month)Click here to buy 12 MONTHs @ INR 3,000* (~250/month)
Continued emotional & study-skills support from a professional coach on WhatsApp & Zoom
Series of workshops, habit challenges & assessments for effective learning
Designed to provide maximum learning in minimum time period
Productivity and other progress trackers
Connect with coach on Zoom/Phone @INR 699 per session
Unlimited access to PeakMind Self-help Portal with exercises and tools
Complimentary Access to Parent Workshops


Unlimited Personal Coach Access on
+ Zoom/Phone
Regular Price INR 3000/month.
Get for as low as
INR  1800/month
Click HERE TO buy FOR 1 MONTH @INR 3000*Click here to buy FOR 3 MONTHs @ INR 6,000* (~2000/month)Click here to buy FOR 12 MONTHs @ INR 21,600* (~1800/month)
All features of COMPETE Essentials plan
Personal Performance and Wellbeing Coach assigned to every student
Coach keeps track of student performance & wellbeing
Parent-Coach connect - Scheduled once a month (No confidential info of the student-coach conversation will be shared)
1:1 Nutrition coaching - Proper nutrition is a must for performance
*GST as applicable will be charged extra

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Regular Price INR 2999/month*
Special Price for PACE students below
Click here to buy FOR 3 MONTHs @ INR 5,999* (~1999/month)click here to buy FOR 12 MONTHS @ INR 21,599* (~1799/month)
Dedicated 1-on-1 Performance & Wellbeing Coach
Coach availability for instant connect on WhatsApp. Unlimited scheduled sessions on Zoom/Phone
Personalized nutrition coaching - Proper nutrition is a must for performance
Regular Online Assessments
Productivity and other habit trackers
Unlimited access to PeakMind Mobile app and Web Portal
Parent-Coach Connect & Access to Parent Workshops
*GST, as applicable, will be charged extra


Q: What is the COMPETE program?

A: The COMPETE program is a unique program by PeakMind. It is designed to provide exam aspirants with the same kind of Coaching that athletes go through to build mental toughness and improve their efficiency. The program focuses on developing skills such as goal-setting, time management, stress management, and self-confidence, all of which are critical to success in competitive exams. Also, the coach keeps a track of the progress and does proactive checks to ensure the student is not getting distracted and is staying on the planned path.

Q: Who are the coaches in the program?

A: The coaches in the COMPETE program are qualified and experienced professionals with backgrounds in performance psychology, counseling psychology, and behavioral management. They have experience of working with thousands of exam aspirants and have helped them perform their best through a combination of coaching, therapy, and digital tools. The dedicated coach is invested fully in the success of the student.

How does PeakMind's program run at PACE? How much time is required for it?

The student's time is treated with utmost importance. That is why the coaches have been made available on WhatsApp and the program is integrated with the academic coaching at PACE. The group sessions are aligned with the calendar of classes. For 1-on-1 sessions, the student can choose to connect with the coach at any time as per their convenience.

Q: How is the program structured? What is the duration?


A: The program is structured to meet the specific needs of each student, and includes one-on-one coaching sessions, group workshops, and online resources. The coaching sessions and length of the program are tailored to each student's individual needs and goals, and are designed to provide support, guidance, and motivation throughout the exam preparation journey.

How do I know if this program is for me? Are there any pre-requisites? What if the student is not committed/serious about the exam?


If you are preparing for any competitive exam, this program is for you. There are no specific prerequisites from the student to join our program. Willingness to succeed, and an open mind are the only expectations from the student. Our coaches are experienced in working with students from different backgrounds and skill levels, and they will tailor their approach to meet the individual needs of each student.

The program can be helpful for students who may not be fully committed or serious about their exams and future. Take the program for 3 months to see the impact. The coach does a cause analysis. They help students develop a sense of purpose towards their future goals and help them overcome their challenges with motivation and commitment.

What kind of results can I expect from the program?

The Compete program is designed to help students improve their performance in competitive exams. The student learns skills like self-awareness, self-discipline, time-management, purposeful mindset, resilience, planning & prioritizing and avoiding distractions -that usually people learn in a structured way only in corporate trainings. These are invaluable for success in competitive exams(We have seen students improve their scores by up to 25% in their tests) and in life beyond the exam too.

Is there something for parents? Is there any progress that is shared with the parents?

Parents play a significant role in the success of the child. However, they are sometimes clueless about their role and have their own challenges. Group sessions and 1-on-1 are also available for parents. Details of the discussion with the student are kept confidential, but the tracker reports are discussed.

How do I start? 


Please scroll up and purchase a plan as per your requirements, or discuss with us to decide. You will get a confirmation on WhatsApp and steps to start. Attractive discounts for PACE students

Still have questions? Email us at compete@peakmind.in

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