A quick specialized prep program designed by emotional and mental strength coaches that will help students to develop essential skills for smooth transition and overcome struggles in living abroad

10 Skill Workshops | Personal Emotional and Mental Strength Coach | Unlimited 1:1 Sessions |
Interactive and constant support on WhatsApp

Program Construct

International Living Skills Workshops

45-60min minutes of interactive session that will help learners to build skills useful for a transition

1:1 connect with coach

Connect with coach 1:1 over WhatsApp, Audio or Video to get solutions to all your concerns, and build mental strength for smooth transition

International Readiness Assessment

It assesses your emotional, social, and psychological preparedness as well as examines cross-cultural differences and adeptness to health and well-being.

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The Team

A team of experts in the field of emotional & mental strength, performance, positive psychology, relationship, leadership, personality development, strengths and social & emotional intelligence

Neeraj Kumar

Emotional Intelligence & Career Coach, IIT Delhi, Founder and CEO

Manish Chowdhary

Education Evangelist,
Founder and Director

Sandeep Gautam

Strength Coach,
IIT Delhi, Co-Founder and Chief Solution Officer

Parth Sharma

Product Head,
IIT Kanpur,

Deeksha Gautam

Applied Psychology, Tata Institute of Social Science,
Experienced Students Coach

Shefaley Phebe

Licensed Psychologist, Researcher, Institute of Mental Health

Padmini Roy

Applied Psychology, Tata Institute of Social Science, Parenting counselling expert

Shreya Shah

PhD. Research Scholar, Psychology, IIT Bombay, Students Coach & Assessments expert